Take a look inside the
world’s largest high
efficiency turbine.

It’s not often that a more powerful machine is also more efficient. But that’s exactly what GE has accomplished with our new 7HA and 9HA gas turbines. They lead the industry in output, while using less gas per megawatt than any other turbine on the market. That’s not only good for our customers. It’s also good for theirs.

Witness the ultimate power trip.
433 tons. 4,500 miles. You’d better buckle up.

It’s one thing to build the world’s largest high efficiency turbine. It’s quite another to transport that turbine halfway around the world – from its birthplace in Belfort, France, to our testing facility in Greenville, SC.

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With great power comes great responsibility.

Today, GE is ushering in a new standard in H-class technology, resulting in the most cost-effective conversion of natural gas to electricity in the H-class industry.

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